Heudia Health LLC- East Stroudsburg, PA


Heudia Health offers a software platform that reduces the cost of care for hospitals and managed care groups by enabling community organizations to better connect with and empower low-income individuals and families. The goal is to help people obtain the optimal set of health, social service, education, and economic services.


Hootboard, LLC- Bethlehem, PA


HootBoard is an interactive digital kiosk operating system and applications platform that allows organizations to deploy information kiosks quickly for concierge service applications. The kiosks are significantly less expensive to deploy than custom kiosks and can be set up in minutes. Users receive content in real-time, and can “take” the content with them on their smartphones.


IntelliGreen - West Hazleton, PA


IntelliGreen offers products and services focused on technology that enables society to maintain its well-being better. The company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform works with its Intelli-Temp Facial Recognition Temperature Scanner, which can detect and identify a face, including for an individual wearing a mask; direct a person to put on a mask as a requirement to entry; detect a reference temperature within 0.5 degrees accuracy; and provide alerting for fever conditions; all within one second.



ProdHealth, Inc.- Bethlehem, PA


ProdHealth is a digital health and wellness solution that provides users with personalized health coaching, remote patient monitoring, and telehealth services. Its platform lets users learn, track their habits, and communicate with their healthcare teams seamlessly, improving the probability of adherence. ProdHealth targets self-funded employers and individuals who want to minimize the risk of chronic disease and its associated costs while optimizing health and environmental impact.

Rocket Cloud, Inc. – Bethlehem, PA


Rocket Cloud provides innovative cloud-based software solutions for wholesale distributors. The firm creates visibility for clients’ inventory on major internet marketplaces by connecting and syncing directly with their existing systems without expensive software-changing costs. Rocket Cloud’s enterprise suite handles inventory replenishment, repricing, and accounting/ reconciliation, along with providing analytics to monitor performance.

studio BE Mindfulness, LLC - Wilkes-Barre, PA


studio BE is a well-tech company leveraging a web interface to utilize proprietary, scientifically proven mindfulness techniques to empower employees to manage stress, optimize their mental health, cultivate work/life integration, and increase productivity. The company serves corporations, nonprofits, and individuals worldwide via on-site visits and/or remotely by utilizing a comprehensive e-learning platform.

Thread Bioscience, Inc. – Bethlehem, PA


Thread Bioscience produces a new diagnostic test, CultureStat, which uses a patented technology to detect urinary tract infections (UTIs) at the Point of Care faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost than current testing approaches. With an estimated 150 million UTIs worldwide annually and accounting for $6 billion in health care expenditures, there is a worldwide need for a more efficient test for UTIs to reduce the incidence of improperly prescribed antibiotics.