Build My Team, L.L.C.- Honesdale, PA

Build My Team provides a reliable, scientific process for hiring medical and dental healthcare professionals. Build My Team is a new way to hire incredible team members based on strengths & talents NOT resumes.


Cliquify Inc.- Macungie, PA

Cliquify is an AI powered employer branding SaaS made for recruiters and hiring managers to engage relevant and diverse candidates across social media channels - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and soon Instagram and TikTok. Our customers see 10x faster cycle times and 79% cost savings while driving 4x more candidate engagement compared to traditional approaches.  


Coexist Build LLC- Blandon, PA

Coexist Build, LLC, is a company committed to designing and manufacturing natural building materials for sustainable and healthy homes. They recently developed the first hemp block that is manufactured in Pennsylvania. They have developed and are selling a do-it-yourself 140 square foot backyard office, or tiny home kit, that can be assembled with simple tools. The product is named the Traveler.


IntelliGreen - West Hazleton, PA

IntelliGreen offers products and services focused on technology that enables society to maintain its well-being better. The company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform works with its Intelli-Temp Facial Recognition Temperature Scanner, which can detect and identify a face, including for an individual wearing a mask; direct a person to put on a mask as a requirement to entry; detect a reference temperature within 0.5 degrees accuracy; and provide alerting for fever conditions; all within one second.


Mussel Polymers, Inc - Bethlehem, PA

Mussel Polymers, Inc. is commercializing safe, effective biomimetic adhesives and systems that enable underwater and wet bonding with breakthrough products under development in the marine and dental industries. The technology mimics the chemistry used by mussels to attach to marine substrates. Merging this natural adhesion with industrial techniques creates strong “biomimetic” adhesives that are effective in wet and dry conditions, non-toxic, while being cost competitive.


Paro AI, Inc.- Bethlehem, PA

Paro is an enterprise voice and chatbot assistant that makes accessing systems and databases easier than ever. Paro was developed with efficiency, productivity, and compliance in mind. With Paro's AI-enabled insights, teams will be able to create more meaningful and personalized interactions with customers. Paro intelligently suggests the next best actions based on call plan attainment goals, priority, location, trends and many more factors. This helps optimize valuable time and maximize sales impact.


Planguru- Wilkes-Barre, PA

Planguru helps small/mid-sized businesses make better business decisions by providing them with the skills and tools needed to project and interpret their financial results & KPIs. They provide affordable and easy to use planning and performance review tools that make these critical exercises attainable to all businesses and advisers regardless of their size.


Precision POS- Jessup, PA

Precision POS is the complete software solution for your restaurant. They provide technology solutions that help optimize and grow your brand. Whether you are replacing your legacy system, or building a new IT infrastructure, they have intelligent responses to all of your restaurant and technology needs. Their goal is to completely revolutionize the restaurant-related software industry. Their solution isn't fragmented. They provide, support, and manage both your business and consumer-facing technology.